Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Kedai Squishy Terbesar Di Malaysia

Ramai orang yang sering tanya dalam Internet,

Di mana boleh saya beli Squishy Di Malaysia?
Di mana tempat Borong Squishy Di Malaysia?
Adakah PM Toys Kedai Squishy terbaik?
Squishy termurah boleh didapati Di mana?
Di mana saya boleh beli Squishy terbaru yang selalu nampak dalam YouTube?

Jawapannya senang ja. Dapatkan Squishy terbaru, termurah dengan harga Borong dari PM Toys!

Kalau senang, lawat instagram kami. Pasti terpegun dengan koleksi Squishy yang kami ada ni. 

Kedai Squishy kami buka setiap hari dari 10 pagi hingga 7 malam. Buka dari Isnin hingga Ahad tanpa tutup.

Best Squishy Store and Squishy Shop in Malaysia

There are many asking in the Internet,

Where is the best place to buy squishy?
Is there any squishy shop in Malaysia?
What is the best squishy store in Malaysia?
Are there any wholesale squishy shop in Malaysia?
Any squishy shop that comes with the latest collection?
My kids are obsessed with squishy, where can I bring them to Borong them at cheaper price?

Check out our Instagram, you will be amazed with the squishy collection that we have. 

We always have kids telling their mom and dad - “This is the best Squishy place to visit”

Besides that, our squishy store is always open from Monday to Sunday starting from 10 am to 7 pm.

Visit us at 2F-14, 2nd floor, Block A, GM Klang. 

Look out for a simple “PM” sign...and that’s us!

Ice Cream Waffle Squishy from PM Toys @ GM Klang

Malaysia is a hot country and we all love ice cream here. Although you can’t eat this but still looks good coz it also will not melt under any hot weather. A must for squishy collectors.

Get it from us at PM Toys, 2F-14, 2nd floor, Block A, GM Klang

Monday, August 27, 2018

Big Eye Burger Squishy is now here at PM Toys in GM Klang

If you like burger, you are going to love our latest Big Eye Burger Squishy! It’s a squishy toy ya, not for eating. Come and get it at 2F-14, 2nd floor, Block A, GM Klang.

Friday, August 24, 2018

Cute Keychain for Wholesale in GM Klang

Get these cute keychains from our wholesale shop in GM Klang.

1F-65, first floor, Block A, GM Klang

Monday, August 20, 2018

Realistic Cat Pouch for wholesale / Dompet Kucing utk Diborong - PM Toys @ GM Klang

Meow.....Cantik tak dompet-dompet kucing ni? Nampak macam kucing betul kan? Kini boleh didapat dari PM Toys, 2F-14, Tingkat 2, Blok A, GM Klang.

Meow.....Do you think these cat pouches looks real? Looks gorgeous! Get them now at  PM Toys, 2F-14, Tinkgkat 2, Blok A, GM Klang.

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Superhero Avengers Squishy from PM Toys

Superhero Avengers Squishy is now available at PM Toys! Get them now at 2F-14, 2nd floor, Block A, GM Klang

Sunday, August 5, 2018

New Squishy Collection - August 2018

Our Squishy shop have the most complete collection of Squishy in Malaysia! New stock coming in almost every week.

Come and visit us at 2F-14, 2nd floor, Block A, GM Klang