About us

PM Toys is the biggest Wholesaler / Retailer of Squishy, Slime and Board Games in Malaysia.
All Malaysian kids love our products. We are specialize in only a few bestselling toys which is Squishy, Slime and Board games. We are always updated with the latest designs and models. You will be surprised everytime you step into our wholesale store. Don't worry mom and dads, we also sell in retail, not just wholesale. 

PM Toys adalah pembekal dan pemborong Squishy, Slime dan Board Games di Malaysia. Semua kanak-kanak di Malaysia suka produk kami. Kami adalah pakar squishy, slime dan board games. Kedai borong kami selalu ada stok baru dan design yang paling baru. Setiap kali anda masuk ke kedai kami, pasti dapat surprise. Kepada emak dan bapa, jangan risau ya, kami juga jual runcit, bukan sekadar borong.

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